Hautpflege im Frühling

Spring skin care

Aaaahhh, they feel so good, the first rays of spring sunshine after the cool winter months. Finally there is sun again, the thick coats go into the depths of the wardrobe and skin and soul can breathe a sigh of relief again.

And yet: Even if we longed for warmth and fresh air, we shouldn't immediately rush into the spring sun without hesitation. After long periods of cold, our skin can start to jerk a little and react sensitively when switching to warmer temperatures.

Switch skincare products for spring

In winter, our skin was primarily exposed to warm clothing, dry heated air and cooler temperatures. This combination primarily removes moisture and oil from the skin, which is why skin and body care can be a little richer in the colder months. In spring, however, a treatment that is too greasy is too much for our skin; now it is primarily moisture that it is thirsting for. Mild, pH-neutral and moisturizing care is just the thing in the spring months! Ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, aloe vera or panthenol give your skin a lot of moisture. Make sure to choose care products that contain as few additives as possible, such as fragrances. They can cause irritation and cause long-term damage to the skin, which is why our products are completely fragrance-free.

Enjoy the sun – but please with UV protection

Sun protection is an issue all year round, but especially so when temperatures rise, sunlight increases and clothing becomes more revealing. In plain language, this means protecting your skin as much as possible with clothing, especially your neck, ears, scalp, forearms and décolleté. The sensitive eye area can be relieved by wearing sunglasses. You should protect uncovered areas by applying a sunscreen with sufficient SPF or by using care products with a sun protection factor, such as our Melanin Day day cream with SPF 15.

Let the skin breathe again

After our feet have been wrapped up in heavy, warm winter shoes for the last few months, they are now looking forward to a pedicure that removes excess calluses and makes the skin soft and supple again. The facial skin and décolleté are now also looking forward to a “spring cleaning” in the form of regular peelings that remove dead skin cells and reveal new skin.

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