Unser Melanin-Bundle

Our melanin bundle

Guys - you're crazy! At the end of October, our Melanin Bundle, consisting of our Melanin Day day cream and our Melanin Night night cream, was completely sold out! But don't worry - supplies are provided! We have put all our efforts into action to ensure that you are provided with our two creams again as quickly as possible. We are definitely very happy that our bundle is so well received by you! The idea behind it was, on the one hand, to offer a day cream that can serve as a primer during the day and at the same time offer you optimal UV protection. On the other hand, we wanted to develop a cream for the night that supports the skin's natural regeneration process and at the same time optimally cares for it.

Et voilà: Melanin Day and Melanin Night were created.

As a plus, you can even combine the two creams with each other during the day. Since Melanin Day has a mattifying effect, you can also use Melanin Night under our day cream if the mattifying effect is a little too much for you.

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