Den Motor am Brennen halten: Neue Dinge lernen

Keeping the engine burning: learning new things

We don't learn for school, we learn for life.

This, admittedly somewhat trite, piece of wisdom may get on your nerves, especially when you are a student, but in many ways it is one of the wisest and truest statements there is. Even outside of school, university and work, learning new things offers us many advantages that enrich us on a personal, social and health level - for a lifetime!

What happens in the brain when learning

When we learn, we trigger an external stimulus that is received through our senses. Synapses are activated, the connection points between nerve cells through which information is passed on between nerve cells. The more synapses and nerve cells are activated during the learning process, the deeper and better what we have learned is anchored in our brain. In concrete terms, this means: the more senses are activated during learning, the better the information absorbed is stored.

The benefits of learning

You never stop learning, quite automatically due to the constantly changing world in which we live. But the conscious decision to learn new things and open up new worlds for yourself brings you numerous advantages in almost all areas of life. The first obvious benefit is regular training of the brain. Of course we think every day, but if you give your gray cells new input every day, they will always be busy, your brain will be exposed to new stimuli and will remain active and vital. When you learn new topics, you move out of your comfort zone. You are very familiar with all the things that surround you every day, you are experienced and get along well. The more often you deal with questions that you are unfamiliar with, you will have to find solutions to new questions, have to make new decisions and, under certain circumstances, you will also get to know new people. All of these things not only educate you mentally, but also make an enormous contribution to personal development. You change yourself, your perspectives, expand your horizons. All of this has an impact on your self-confidence and...makes you happy!

Learn new things – want ideas?

Thanks to digitalization, there is now nothing that you cannot try out online. Have you always wanted to understand Italian? Try yoga? Learn how to edit images yourself in Photoshop? Do you want further training or coaching in a specific area? Go for it!

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