Entspannt, gesund und glücklich durch Yoga

Relaxed, healthy and happy through yoga

There is no larger city where there is not a yoga studio or at least a range of courses, and there are now numerous videos on YouTube with which you can practice the gentle exercises (asanas) alone in your own four walls. Yoga is very trendy - and rightly so! Because the current state of research shows that yoga can provide relief from all kinds of pain. From back pain to headaches to menstrual problems. The method, which comes from India, has proven itself to be effective in treating cardiovascular problems as well as in the treatment of diabetics.

How yoga works

Yoga is a holistic practice that combines physical tension, subsequent relaxation, concentration, breathing exercises and meditation. The interaction of all these elements influences both the body and the mind, relieves physical complaints, relieves tension and has a relaxing effect.

Yoga for pain

The common suffering of Germans, back pain, can demonstrably be alleviated or even avoided entirely through yoga. Numerous studies prove this. It should be enough to practice once a week. When it comes to neck pain, various studies show that the intensity of the pain can be significantly reduced through regular practice. Knee pain, arthritis or headaches can also be alleviated with the help of the exercises. The symptoms of headaches and even migraines can also be reduced thanks to yoga. As part of an Indian study, the test subjects practiced yoga five times a week for three months. They were able to reduce both the intensity and frequency of their headaches and also reported using less medication to treat pain.

The all-rounder therapy

The positive effects of yoga read like a small miracle.

The sport is said to have a high blood pressure lowering effect, which has also been proven in several studies. Cardiac arrhythmias can also be improved with the help of gentle exercises. Yoga can have a positive effect on blood sugar levels, which can lead to successful results, especially in diabetes patients. Yoga is also a regularly used form of therapy for cancer sufferers. These help to reduce their stress levels and thus significantly improve their quality of life.

Relaxation and serenity

Yoga activates our self-healing powers on a physical, mental and spiritual level. Whether stress, inner restlessness or low mood - all of these things can be brought back into balance through the combination of movement, breathing and meditation. Through the relaxation that you experience in yoga, you bring your nervous system into harmony, strengthen your immune system and thus improve your mood.

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