Blaue Flecken: Hämatome schnell wieder loswerden

Bruises: Get rid of hematomas quickly

Some of us get them more quickly, some of us less often. Sometimes we know the cause, but in some cases we can't even explain where the unsightly skin discoloration comes from. We are talking about bruises, also known in technical language as hematomas. In this article you will find out how they come about and, above all, how you can get rid of them as quickly as possible!

Why bruises occur

Normally, hematomas appear when we hit something. But sometimes we don't even notice it. Bruises are injuries to the tissue through which our blood flows from the blood vessels into the skin. Over time, the body breaks it down again, resulting in a color change from a blue-red to a green-yellow hue. The reason some people are more prone to bruising than others is a connective tissue issue. If there is strong connective tissue, the underlying arteries and veins can be well protected from shocks or blows, so that there are hardly any or very few bruises. If this is weaker, injuries occur more quickly, leading to hematomas. Unfortunately, women tend to have softer connective tissue than men and are therefore more likely to develop hematomas.

How to get rid of them quickly

It usually takes around two weeks for the body to break down the blood that has escaped. To speed up the process a little or even prevent hematomas from forming in the first place, we have a few tips for you. For example, after an impact, you can immediately place a cold pack on the appropriate area. The cold causes the blood vessels to contract and no more blood to come out. The effect can be enhanced with a compression bandage. Elevating the area can also reduce blood flow. If you don't have an ice pack at hand, it can help to press firmly on the injured area with your hand and hold the pressure for at least a minute. From the second day of the injury, warming compresses can stimulate blood circulation so that the leaked blood is broken down more quickly.

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