Deine Haut, Dein Typ: Sensible Haut

Your skin, your type: Sensitive skin

We are all unique, each and every one of us. So does our skin. Depending on which skin type we belong to, the skin has different demands and care needs. What works wonderfully for one person can potentially cause harm for another. Only those who know their skin type and are informed about its properties and needs can take optimal care of their skin. In this article we dedicate ourselves to sensitive skin. Representatives of this skin type are particularly susceptible to all kinds of environmental influences. Especially today, there are many people who suffer from sensitive skin due to high levels of exposure to UV radiation, environmental pollution or cosmetics containing fragrances and preservatives. Sensitive skin reacts quickly with redness, inflammation, itching, feelings of tension or skin irritation and is prone to dryness or spotting. She tends to develop dandruff, contact allergies and gets pimples easily. If you tend to have sensitive skin, you should pay particular attention to the ingredients in your care products so as not to irritate your already sensitive skin even more. Basically, you would do well to choose products without additional fragrances and preservatives, as is the case with Atina Cosmetics products. Make sure you use a moisturizing, mild care product that moisturizes your dry skin and try not to wash your skin too often or too hotly, as this would dry it out even more. Good UV protection also supports the natural skin barrier. Sufficient exercise, a healthy and balanced diet and avoiding stress relieve the strain on your skin health and your soul.

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