Deine Haut, Dein Typ: Normale Haut

Your skin, your type: Normal skin

We are all individual personalities and unique in our appearance, our behavior and our soul. But our skin is just as unique. Depending on which skin type we have, the skin has its own requirements. What works best for one person may have the exact opposite effect on another. You can only take optimal care of yourself if you know what skin type you have and what it needs. In this blog post we want to focus on normal skin.

Characteristics of normal skin

When we talk about “normal” skin in dermatology, we mean a balanced complexion. It is neither dry nor greasy, has fine pores, is delicate and rosy and is relatively insensitive to external influences. Only very few adults are in the fortunate situation of being able to count themselves as having a normal skin type.

The right care

Normal skin impresses with a smooth, even appearance and a fresh complexion, is elastic and resilient, has hardly any impurities and reacts relatively unresponsive to environmental influences. Even though representatives of this type probably hardly ever have to struggle with skin problems of any kind, they should still be thoroughly cleaned and cared for every day. True to the motto: Prevention is better than aftercare. Excessive alcohol and nicotine consumption, lack of sleep or stress can also contribute to a worsening of the skin's appearance. Because remember: Even with the most uncomplicated skin, constant neglect will eventually show its consequences.

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