Because we are a society of diversity

Because we are a society of diversity

Beauty is our passion. But: Beauty has many faces. Unfortunately, it's no secret that there is a target group that is pretty much neglected in the German beauty industry. We're talking about black skin type, which is rarely addressed in cosmetics. For this reason, we want to offer more than “just” beauty and care products. We want to break the rules of the classic beauty industry and build a new philosophy together with you.

Because I am black. Because I am white. Because I am... a living rainbow

We don't want to be told what is considered beautiful and what isn't. Whether we fit into a certain image or what we should look like. Not from the beauty industry, not from people around us. Each of us is valuable. Each of us is perfect. It doesn't matter what supposed ideal of beauty we are given. Our care products are more than just “another beauty product”. You are a vision. A vision in which you help to shake up the beauty industry.

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