Gereizte Kopfhaut: Was bei Juckreiz und Schuppen hilft

Irritated scalp: What helps with itching and dandruff

It's tight, it itches, it's flaky: an irritated scalp can be extremely unpleasant. We'll tell you how this can happen and, most importantly, how you can get rid of the whole thing.

How this can happen

Irritation on the scalp can have a variety of reasons. A common cause is the type of care. Or rather, “over-care”. Blow-drying too much, coloring too much or washing your hair too hot can have a major impact on the protective barrier. External influences such as cold, heat or UV radiation can also cause irritation. Sometimes allergic reactions to certain care products or ingredients can occur, causing irritation. Often the shampoo is selected to suit the hair, but not the scalp. Ingredients such as silicones, for example, are deposited on the skin and should therefore be avoided if possible. If you have an oily scalp, you should avoid moisturizing ingredients such as panthenol. Basically, you can do very well with fewer ingredients and a pH value between 7.3 and 7.7. The water should not be too hot and the hair should not be rubbed dry after washing. In rare cases, diseases such as neurodermatitis, psoriasis or hormonal changes can also trigger irritation.

Signs of irritation

The first sign of an irritated scalp is itching. It is often dry and then starts to itch. If this is the case, you should take a look in the mirror. If the skin is red instead of pink, there are many indications that it is overstimulated. Dandruff is also a sign that everything is not right on your head. Like the rest of our skin, the scalp renews itself every four weeks. If the process is disturbed, small lumps form that come loose and fall down.

Healthy scalp, healthy hair

We all dream of healthy, beautiful and shiny hair - but did you know that scalp health is linked to hair health? Similar to how teeth and gums are connected to each other. If the pores on the scalp are blocked, hair growth is restricted. If dandruff builds up, this can cause the hair root to become blocked and the new hair cannot come out. So if you dream of healthy, beautiful hair, you should always focus on your scalp
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