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Tips for sunburn

We preach it again and again: sun protection is the absolute be-all and end-all, especially in summer. However, burns can occur, especially on sensitive skin areas that are particularly exposed to the sun, such as the backs of the feet, neck or décolleté. A sunburn is anything but pleasant. Red, irritated and painful skin, feelings of tension and, in the worst case, blisters. In our opinion, the best tip against sunburn is to prevent it from occurring in the first place. This article will give you some tips on what you can do if you ever get burned.

Off into the shadows

First and foremost, the motto is: Get out of the sun! It's best to do this until your skin has calmed down again and is no longer red. Until then, avoid direct sun and protect the affected areas with clothing.


In the next step, you can carefully cool the relevant areas, for example with damp cloths or in the form of a shower. However, make sure that you don't start too cold, but start with lukewarm water and increase if necessary. This protects your circulation. When using cool packs, make sure that there is a cloth between the skin and the pack to avoid frostbite.


Since the skin loses a lot of fluid due to a sunburn, it is important to drink plenty of fluids. This prevents circulatory problems and stimulates the skin's regeneration process. It's best to use plenty of water or unsweetened tea.

After sun products

After sun products such as lotions are specifically tailored to the needs of sun-stressed skin. They contain ingredients that cool, soothe and moisturize the skin. So, apply an after sun product regularly.

What to do if you have severe sunburn?

If the skin blisters, you get a severe headache, chills or even a fever, you could have suffered heat stroke or sunstroke. In this case, it would definitely be advisable to consult a doctor.

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