Wieso mit Humor alles leichter fällt

Why everything is easier with humor

It's pouring rain and you don't have an umbrella with you. The train has run away from under your nose. It's just before the end of the day and a load of work came in at the last minute that absolutely needs to be done. All things to get upset about. Alternatively, you could take the whole thing with humor and laugh about it. The situation doesn't change at first, but your attitude and how you deal with it does.

Bet that with the second alternative you will drive much more relaxed and better in the long term?

How humor defuses unpleasant situations

When we approach annoying or unpleasant situations with humor, a lot of things happen in our bodies. We create a distance from what is happening, stop fears and relax thinking. Imagine the following scenario: You are in a meeting with your colleagues and your new boss, whom you don't know very well yet. Suddenly a comment is made in the direction of your superior along the lines of “You don’t run after your work either”. Afterwards there is a tense silence. Nobody knows how the boss will react to this, which is certainly meant to be funny. You can certainly imagine the general relief when he takes the joke as such and counters it with a funny saying of his own. Humor relieves tension and can defuse situations. It enables us to see the funny or absurd even under difficult circumstances. A humorous person is better able to deal with problems and negative feelings and is less likely to fall into a vicious circle of fear, self-pity and panic.

It's all a question of training

Nothing to laugh about? No problem, humor can be trained. Try to always see the funny in a given situation. You ran wildly for the bus and it still drove away from under your nose? Hey, maybe you'll do the same for the next two buses and save yourself the gym today? Exaggerating things and adding a bit of self-deprecation can also lead to a humorous twist on an unpleasant situation. Are you jogging with a friend, but are extremely untrained compared to him and immediately get out of breath and embarrassed about your unsportsmanlike behavior? Take it easy. A sentence like "Hey, you're faster, but if I run even slower, I can travel back in time!" takes away the relevance of the embarrassing moment for you.

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