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Hi! I'm Anita.

25 years old & a mompreneur.

After my acne, severely blemished skin was always an issue for me. However, I could n't find any products that helped me in the long term . For a long time, frustration was my middle name.

While taking a walk with my husband , I thought how nice it would be to build my own beauty brand in the long term. The idea of ​​being able to help other people with similar problems through my products , literally haunted me.

My desire was to offer added value and to convey the awareness that no skin has to be “perfect”. Deep down I knew that if my products helped me, they could help thousands of other people.

For this reason, I took the first step: In 2018 I held the first sample in my hands and lo and behold - I was able to successfully launch my first product at the end of 2019. An idea became a physical product.

Atina Cosmetics

Beauty is our passion. But: Beauty has many faces. For this reason, we want to offer more than “just” beauty and care products. We want to help everyone feel comfortable in their own skin. Our goal is therefore to offer products that are independent
of beauty standards are and
are suitable for people of all skin types and colors.

Gender, BMI and age don't matter to us!
At the same time, we want to provide our customers with all the necessary knowledge
to find the care products that are right for them.
Because every skin has different requirements and only if you meet them

If you know what you're looking for, you can also find your own, one that's individually suitable for you

Fun fact: Did you notice that Anita is called Atina backwards?
We want to do more than just offer beauty and care products:
We want you to feel at home in your skin. We want you to
know what you are putting on your skin. We want to break the rules of the classic beauty industry and build a new philosophy together with you .

We work closely with you as a customer and our Atina Cosmetics community on our social media channels to develop the best possible products. Products that are really needed .

We are not attached fixed thought structures, but believe that the journey is the goal. We are flexible, inquisitive and capable of learning. We share our path with you .

With our care products you don't just have “another beauty product” in your hand. You carry a vision. One in which you actively help to shake up the beauty industry.

We are Atina Cosmetics - nice that you are here!

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