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Meet The Founder

Hi! I‘m Anita.

25 years of age & a mompreneur.

Since my acne problems, extremely blemished skin has continued to be a hot topic to me. I couldn’t find no products providing durable solutions. Frustration became my byname.

During a walk together with my husband, I said; “Wouldn’t it be great to establish an own beauty brand in the long term.” The idea to help other people with my products, to be able to offer them a value boost, not to tell them their skin had to be “perfect”, became a passion to me.

In the depth of my inner self I knew, if my products could help me, they would be able to help other people too. That was the reason to dare my first step. In 2018, I got my first sample. My idea had turned into a physical product, and, voilà, at the of 2019, I successfully launched my first product.


We are not fixed in thinking structures. We are convinced that walking the way is the goal. We are flexible, eager to know and able to learn. We share our way with you. Each product we offer is not just another beauty product for you. You become involved in a vision and you actively help to excite the beauty industry for something new.

We are Atina Cosmetics – delighted that you are with us!

Atina Cosmetics


Beauty is our passion. However, beauty has many faces. That is why, we want more than to “merely” offer beauty and skincare product. We want to help each one to feel good in her/his skin. Our goal is to offer products that are independent of ethnic origin and general beauty standards and are suitable for all people, all skin types & skin shades.

Simultaneously, we want to provide our customers with knowledge and facts to find the skincare products which really match. Each skin has different needs, and you have to know them to find your own, individual skincare that really matches your needs.

Fun fact: Have you already noticed what Anita reads in reverse? Atina! We want more than offering beauty and skincare products. We want you to feel at home in your skin. We want that you know what you apply to your skin. We want to break the rules of beauty industry and join with you to establish a new philosophy. We closely work together with you as our customer and our Atina Cosmetics Community on Social Media to develop products in the best possible way and fulfilling real needs and demands.

We are Atina Cosmetics – delighted that you are with us!