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Atina Cosmetics

Beauty is our passion. But: Beauty has many faces. For this reason, we want to offer more than “just” beauty and care products. We want to help everyone feel comfortable in their own skin.

Because I am – because you are perfect the way you are

We don't want to be told what we should look like. We don't want to be told what is considered beautiful and what isn't. Whether we fit into a certain image. Not by the beauty industry, not by people around us. Each of us is valuable. Each of us is perfect. Every person deserves to feel safe and accepted. It doesn't matter what supposed ideal of beauty we are given. Because I am black. Because I am white. Because I am... a living rainbow.Because I am male. Because I am female. Because I am...a human being.Because I am big. Because I am small. Because I am...a body of love.Our products are not for a specific skin type, color or ideal. Our products are for people. Our products are for you.

Meet the Founders

Hi! I'm Anita.

25 years old & a mompreneur.

The founder and managing director Anita Yabo suffered from acne and felt like she was searching through the national and international cosmetics shelves in order to get her skin problems under control. While looking for cosmetics that would appeal to her as a person, she was disappointed by the beauty industry. Then came the crucial idea that would change everything: Why not develop cosmetic products yourself? Anita Yabo knew: If the products can help her, they can also help other people. Atina Cosmetics was born. But how do you actually start a cosmetics company? Checklists? Coaches? Specialist literature? Nothing! Learning by doing was the motto. Little by little, Anita Yabo acquired all of her specialist knowledge through her own practical experience until she was finally able to launch her first product, the night cream Melanin Night, in November 2019. The cream was a complete success! From then on, things took off in quick succession. 1 year later, the matching day cream Melanin Day, a wash gel (Moist Liquid Cleanser) and a face mask (Moist Detox Clay Mask) followed in Q4/2020.

Change the rules

We want to do more than just offer beauty and care products: We want you to feel at home in your skin. We want you to know what you are putting on your skin. That's why we want to provide you with all the knowledge you need to find exactly the care products that are best for you. Because: Every skin has different requirements, and only if you know them can you find your own, individually suitable care product. We want to break the rules of the classic beauty industry and build a new philosophy together with you. We work closely with our community to develop the best possible products. Products that not only look stylish on the shelf, but also offer added value. Our care products are more than just “another beauty product”. You are a vision. A vision in which you help to shake up the beauty industry. Because we are Atina Cosmetics. Thank you for being here.

Anita Y.






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