Wirkstoffe im Spotlight: Shea Butter

Active ingredients in the spotlight: Shea butter

Shea butter sounds especially rich and nourishing. And in fact, this ingredient is so valuable for the skin that it's hard to imagine the beauty industry without it.

Treasures from the heart of Africa

Shea butter is made from the nuts of the shea tree, which is native to the heart of Africa. Depending on the variety, shea butter has a mild, aromatic smell that is somewhat reminiscent of chocolate. But it's not just the scent, but also the ingredients of the popular product that make our hearts beat faster: Allantoin has a regenerating effect on the skin cells and has anti-inflammatory and wound-healing properties. Vitamin E and beta carotene have an antioxidant effect and slow down the aging process of the skin. Linoleic acid improves the skin's moisture balance and has a calming effect.

Jack of all trades in cosmetics

Shea butter is a real all-rounder in the beauty industry and is therefore often used in a variety of ways. It helps with dry skin as it reduces feelings of tension and supplies the skin with moisture. Especially in winter, cracked and brittle skin benefits from the nourishing effect of miracle butter. The skin becomes supple and cared for. Scars also benefit from treatment with shea butter. The anti-inflammatory effect can help with itching and rashes. But shea butter is also used in lip or hair care.

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