Wieso Stress schlecht für Deine Haut ist

Why stress is bad for your skin

Stress gets under your skin – in the truest sense of the word. Not only that, long-term emotional stress can have a negative impact on blood pressure and trigger migraines, obesity and depression. The skin can also suffer from the effects of stress, because our well-being and our skin health are closely linked.

What triggers stress in your body

In the short term, stress can inspire us and make us perform at our best, but chronic tension has a negative effect on the psyche and body. Our bodies are ingenious – they have a sophisticated alarm system. In situations that cause us stress, the nervous system reacts immediately by releasing hormones that are intended to help us cope: adrenaline, norepinephrine and cortisol. On the one hand, they serve their purpose, but on the other hand, they also set inflammatory processes in motion. At the same time, blood pressure and heart rate increase and the sweat glands are activated. In addition, the blood vessels in our skin constrict, which means that it has less blood flow than usual and at the same time releases more moisture. Chronic stress puts our body on constant alert.

reactions to stress

If the alarm sirens constantly ring in the body, our skin will react sooner or later. It becomes more sensitive and is particularly susceptible to inflammation. In addition, sebum production is stimulated. The result is blemishes and pimples. For many acne sufferers, stress causes their symptoms to worsen and their skin to worsen. At the same time, the persistently high cortisol level has a negative effect on the collagen fibers in our skin. These actually have the function of making the skin look plump and fresh. However, with constant psychological stress, the skin appears pale, wrinkled and sick. But redness or dry skin areas are also common side effects in hectic phases of life.

Reduce stress

We all go through stressful phases of life from time to time, and in the short term, as already mentioned, this can actually be beneficial. But since chronic stress can not only affect your skin and psyche, but also your immune system and your health, it is important to find ways to find balance when the stress continues. What relaxes you? What is good for you? What can you switch off completely? If you don't have the opportunity for longer "breaks", you could try to integrate smaller islands of relaxation into your daily routine. This can be a cup of coffee that you consciously take time for, a short yoga session during your lunch break or a short morning jog. Try to be clear about what exactly is causing your tension. Is it your job? Your relationship? A friendship? Is there a way to defuse the situation or escape from it? Maybe you don't have to be involved in five projects at the same time, maybe two are enough? Are you in a toxic friendship or relationship that is causing you emotional distress? Sometimes it can help to look at things from the outside a little to see them a little more clearly. We definitely wish you much success.

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