Wieso eigentlich der Name „Melanin“?

Why the name “melanin”?

Have you ever wondered why our day and night creams are called Melanin Day and Melanin Night respectively? In fact, this naming has a deeper meaning. We are all different. Be it in our appearance, our nature, our stature, our hair color or: our skin color. The spectrum ranges from pale and freckled to deep dark brown or sometimes even black. But what is the same despite all the diversity of skin types and colors is the pigment melanin. This dye is responsible for the coloring of our skin and hair. We all have it within us. Our goal was and is to offer products that are suitable for all skin types, regardless of their skin color. Therefore, the name “melanin” was chosen. True to the motto: If you're thinkin about my baby it don't matter if you're black or white ;)
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