Wie gründet man ein Kosmetikunternehmen?

How do you start a cosmetics company?

We are often asked the question of how to actually start your own cosmetics company. Unfortunately, we cannot describe the procedure in detail here, as this would go beyond the scope of a blog. But we can give you a compact overview of it. Do you feel like? Then let's go! At the beginning of all things there is of course: the idea. And the question of what exactly you want to deal with. Would you like to offer products for the skin? For the hair? For a specific body part? Describe your idea: What does the product have to be able to do? Who is it supposed to help? How much should it cost? In the next step you have to ask yourself whether you want to develop your product yourself or buy a ready-made recipe and simply put your own label on it. Compared to in-house development, this is of course a much cheaper and faster option and that is of course also a possible option. We decided to develop it ourselves together with a German cosmetics manufacturer because we wanted to offer our customers an individual product.

Now things are starting to get exciting: at some point you will receive your first product samples. You should test these intensively, if possible with as many different people as possible. During this test phase, the product is constantly developed and improved until it is exactly as you imagined it. The next steps cover topics such as design and packaging, the choice of container and a contract manufacturer who will fill and package your product. Finally, you have to decide how you want your ordered items to be shipped. Do you do this yourself or do you use a service provider? We hope we were able to give you a first little insight into this exciting topic. If you would like further information, please feel free to write to us.

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