Welche Gesichtsreinigung Passt Zu Deiner Haut?

Which facial cleanser suits your skin?

Skin care doesn't just include creams, it starts with your daily washing routine. It removes residue, make-up and other deposits. In this way, creams etc. can be absorbed well and develop their effect even better.

Find the right skin type 

There are numerous products for facial cleansing, which differ primarily in their textures. Your own Skin type You can have it determined by a beautician or determine it yourself. When you look in the mirror, you pay particular attention to your forehead, nose, chin and cheeks. Dry or flaky patches indicate dry or sensitive skin. Enlarged pores, blackheads, blemishes and shine on oilier skin. There is also combination skin, which is usually oilier in the T-zone and drier on the cheeks. If there are hardly any abnormalities, it is a normal skin type. However, the climate can also contribute to skin problems. Many people with African roots in Germany and other cooler regions often have more sensitive and easily irritated skin. When selecting cleaning and care products, you should pay attention to the instructions so as not to strain the skin. 

The classic washing gel 

Its light consistency and easy handling make the washing gel an integral part of the washing routine. There are now for many Skin types suitable cosmetics. As a rule, a richer wash foam or a gentle cleansing milk is suitable for drier skin. In addition to active ingredients, it is important to pay attention to the pH value. The surfactants it contains are also important for the well-being of the skin. A neutral value and mild, plant-based surfactants can help preserve the skin's protective acid mantle. This means it doesn't feel tight after washing and feels clean but not dried out. 

The new favorite micellar water 

Micellar water is becoming increasingly popular for facial cleansing. It is easy to use and often even eliminates the need to use water. It not only removes dirt, but even waterproof make-up. The surfactants contained have a spherical structure. Thanks to their special formulation, they can remove not only water-soluble but also fat-soluble particles. In addition, care ingredients have a moisturizing and moisturizing effect. This makes the gentle water suitable for drier skin. It is an all-round product that can also be used for quick interim cleansing or to freshen up the skin in the morning or after sport. So it can be combined with an existing washing routine and used as needed. 

The traditional soap 

Not least for reasons of environmental protection, bars of soap for washing are becoming more popular again. They reduce plastic waste and are often enriched with valuable, natural substances. However, it is important to pay attention to the pH value here. Synthetic surfactants in particular can irritate and dry out the skin. For skin that is prone to impurities, using micellar water or easy-to-dose gel might be more suitable. It reduces the risk of germs spreading both on the face and on the soap. This also applies to washcloths, towels and other textiles that come into contact with the face. They should always be dried well and washed regularly. 

For each Skin type there are the right cleaning products. Nevertheless, washing your face too often can also have negative consequences. This means finding the right balance for yourself and your own skin. After drying, a facial toner or toner helps to remove any cosmetic residue and balance the pH value. The cream can then be used to care for the skin and provide it with valuable moisture.


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