Warum es okay ist, auch mal Schwächen zu zeigen

Why it's okay to show weaknesses sometimes

Just don't show weakness! We all know the moments in which our otherwise thick skin is a little more permeable than usual. Many people find it difficult to accept these situations and sometimes show their weaker side, out of fear of - well, what actually? There often seems to be no room for weakness in life for fear of not being accepted or ridiculed by those around you. The moments in which we allow ourselves to be weak are a sign of strength.

When showing weakness becomes strength

No matter how strong and determined you are, at some point in your life you will surely reach a point where you no longer know what to do. Into a situation you can't handle. Moments when you feel helpless, stuck in a slump and fidgeting with your legs lying on your back, disorientated like a beetle. At school or at university, if you only understand train stations in a subject. At work, when you have ruined an important project. After breaking up with your partner, when you just want to curl up in bed crying all day. Own your feelings! Whenever we show weakness, we drop all masks. We show ourselves as we are. Are authentic. Are real. At the same time, we process our emotions, give them space and can deal with them better. And: We accept ourselves in our weak moment as we are. People are not just black or white, weak or strong. They are mint green, dark gray, ruby ​​red, happy, brave, scared, worried, brimming with strength. Sometimes like this; sometimes like that. We can only become truly happy if we embrace ourselves in all our fullness. Remember: Even the strongest rock in the surf will eventually begin to crumble.

How you can help yourself

What we do completely intuitively as children, we forget with each subsequent year of life. A 3-year-old who fails to climb a wall starts crying out of frustration at his failure, gets angry, or asks his parents for help. Imagine that you are standing in front of the wall after several unsuccessful climbing attempts. Let out your frustration. Listen to your body and your soul. Let it happen. Ask for help. It is right and important to honestly admit to yourself that you have reached a point where you can no longer move forward on your own. The good thing is: the more often you do this, the sooner the feeling of being ashamed of it or of not being worthy of help disappears. You don't always have to be strong. Dare to say “no” sometimes. Don't have the time or desire for another appointment at the weekend? Your working day is already packed to the brim and the new project doesn't fit in? Do you just want to spend your evening on your couch? It's not about avoiding tasks, but rather about realistically assessing your resources. Nobody benefits if you overload yourself with work and appointments that you can't or don't want to manage anyway. You don't have to and can't dance at all weddings.

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