Haare waschen ohne waschen – Trockenshampoos

Washing hair without washing – dry shampoos

Your hair is a bit greasy again and could use a wash, but you don't have the time or feel like it? Dry shampoos are the ideal helpers when your hair could use a little update but it has to be done quickly. They refresh the hair within seconds and bridge the time until the next cleaning.
How dry shampoos work
Dry shampoos have actually been around for a relatively long time. A few centuries even. But back then, people simply used flour instead of bottled products. This had a similar effect, but as you can imagine, it left its users with a blank slate. Nowadays, dry shampoos use natural starch, such as rice, which removes excess sebum from the hair. Your mane will immediately look fresher again and immediately smell more pleasant thanks to the fragrances it contains. In addition, they give the hair more volume in seconds and make it much easier to style. Don't give the bad hair day a chance!
The miracle weapon for in between
Dry shampoos are a wonderful alternative for situations in which normal hair washing with water and shampoo is not possible due to time constraints. For example, when things have to be done quickly in the morning, at festivals or after sports. However, they cannot completely replace conventional hair washing. A dry shampoo cannot provide intensive cleaning and care, as is the case with shampoo, conditioner, hair treatment, etc. After two uses at the latest, you should wash your hair again in a “normal” way. However, dry shampoos are wonderful as a quick refresher in between or to delay the “real” wash cycle for a few days.
Less is more
Basically, you should use dry shampoo a little more sparingly. Give your hair a few sprays from 20 to 30 centimeters away. Focus primarily on your roots; these are the first to get greasy compared to the length of your hair. Let the powder work and then brush your hair as usual. If you still have time to blow-dry your mane, you can perfect the result. Complete!
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