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Impure skin

Impure skin is the normal condition for most people, and it occurs again and again at least occasionally. Your age, hereditary factors and environmental influences all play a role. You can combat this with the right skin care.

Impure skin in young people

During puberty, hormone fluctuations also cause major changes in the skin, which can increasingly lead to acne from the age of 15 to around 20. This is most noticeable on the face, chest and back. Afterwards, the unwanted pimples almost always disappear without a trace, but around two to seven percent of those affected (varies regionally) will live with significant scars in the future.

Acne formation during pregnancy and the cycle

Hormone fluctuations generally occur in all teenagers, but as a woman you are also affected by them in the second half of your cycle and during pregnancy. However, individual girls and women differ greatly in this respect. Hereditary factors apparently play a decisive role, as has been proven by twin studies. Diet and stress also influence the appearance of the skin, although the exact chains of effects have not yet been sufficiently researched.

What can you do against impure skin?

Squeezing pimples has already been mentioned as more or less questionable, but you shouldn't do it too excessively. There are many cosmetic skin care products that will hide a developing pimple so that you can give it time to mature and still be comfortable around people. The constant pressing on the skin can't possibly be good for it. A beautician deals with pimples professionally and is the treatment of choice if the infestation is too severe. pH-neutral products are recommended for skin care. They have a pH value of around 5.5, which corresponds to the natural protective acid mantle on our skin. Mild, skin-friendly and fragrance-free washing lotions are also well suited for care. By the way, the skin does not need constant washing. This always affects the protective acid mantle. Lactic, fruit and salicylic acid have proven to be helpful in many cases.

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