Testen, testen, testen

Test, test, test

We are already planning the next test phase of our products that will be released in 2021. But what exactly does that mean when we talk about test phases?

Basically  This is a small market research carried out by us. Before our new items go into production, they are tested in advance by test subjects. Based on their feedback, they are then either further revised and adjusted or, and the best case scenario, the go-ahead is given to production.

Unlike the large cosmetics industries, it is important to us to organize these test phases on our own. In this way , we can decide for ourselves which test subjects will be taken into account during the test phase.

It is important to us to cater to all skin types and  skin tones and their specific needs. We don't want to exclude anyone,  but rather develop solutions that are suitable for everyone, regardless of their origin.

Our products should do more than just look pretty on the shelf (although of course they do that) - our products should actually help our customers!

Would you also like to become part of the Atina test community? Then contact us now! Send us a photo of your face, please without make-up and without filters, and send it along with your first and last name to:


As soon as it starts, you will receive further information from us. All data is treated confidentially and nothing will be published without prior agreement.

We look forward to seeing you!

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