Teamlove - Struktur und Konsistenz

Teamlove - structure and consistency

Running your own business involves far more tasks than you might think at first glance. Well, at least if you want to do it the right way. You might think that our daily business “only” amounts to developing and selling new products. Far from it, because there are also many more tasks that are part of day-to-day business. For example, those that concern our public presence. Our brand, our face, our corporate identity. All in all, this involves a whole lot of tasks - and we managed all of them successfully! We have created our own blog, which we fill four times a week with fresh input for you on the topics of skincare, empowerment and self-care. We also send out our newsletter twice a week, which keeps you up to date with news about Atinacosmetics and provides you with valuable tips on skin and soul care. We are also present and active on common social media channels such as Pinterest, Instagram, LinkedIn and Facebook. We can only achieve all of this (and more) with a great team and a structured way of working: Each of us has our fixed tasks, deadlines and a clearly regulated workflow. You can already see that our new system is bearing fruit. We are very proud of that and look forward to more.

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