So stärkst Du Dein Selbstbewusstsein

This is how you strengthen your self-confidence

Some people seem to be born with it, some have to work hard for it. We're talking about self-confidence, trust in yourself and your own abilities. Whether or not we have a great deal of trust in ourselves from the start is a question of our personality. But there's good news: There's a lot you can do to boost your self-confidence. We want to introduce you to a few ideas that can help you increase your self-confidence.

Learn to be at peace with yourself

The first, the most important and perhaps the most difficult step to healthy self-confidence is to accept yourself. Because let's be honest: Our biggest critics are usually: ourselves. As a rule, we are the ones who judge ourselves the harshest: with our mistakes, with our flaws, with our failures.

But: If we constantly doubt ourselves, we radiate it.

In order to achieve greater self-confidence, it is first crucial to accept ourselves in our entirety, with all our weaknesses, mistakes and strange peculiarities. A large gap in your teeth, a habit of constantly forgetting something, or starting to stutter when you get nervous. All the things you don't like about yourself. Remember: "Even though I'm short/tall/slow/too shy, I'm okay as a person and deserve to be accepted and valued."

Free yourself from external circumstances

Why did the man on the street look at me so strangely? Is there something wrong with my outfit? Why didn't my colleague, with whom I usually get along so well, greet me today? Did I do something that might have upset her? Why does my friend read my message and don't reply to me? Am I no longer important to him? We so often relate the behavior of others to ourselves and make our mood dependent on how other people behave towards us. Maybe the man on the street was just thinking and staring not at you but into space? Maybe your colleague had an argument with her partner this morning and is in a bad mood because of it? Maybe the friend is sitting in the car, has looked at the message briefly and can't write back at the moment? We have to learn not to let our own mood and self-image depend on our surroundings. We alone are responsible for this.

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