So motivierst Du Dich selbst

This is how you motivate yourself

There are those days when nothing works. Days when your inner bastard is bigger than everything else and when you can't bring yourself to do absolutely anything. In principle, that's okay too. Every now and then, body and soul need a little rest and a bout of boring idleness. But what if this attitude runs the risk of becoming permanent at some point? We'll give you a few tips to get your motivation engine running again.

Everything is easier with motivation

Do you know that? The same task is more fun and works much better if you approach it with motivation compared to a listless attitude. But that's not all: the more motivated you approach a task, the easier it will be to deal with any setbacks. Let's assume you're enthusiastic about tackling the 5 kilos you've been wanting to lose for so long. When your motivation is high, you don't take a small slip-up to heart or give up, but carry on anyway. One of the biggest motivational boosts is positive feedback from outside. Nothing motivates you more than statements like: “You’re doing great!”, “You look great!” or “You’re great!” Or? But what if there is no positive feedback from outside? Then self-motivation is required. If you are able to motivate yourself, it will be easier for you to get out of a motivation hole even in difficult times.

Tips for self-motivation

Set goals!

With a specific goal in mind, you determine the destination of your trip and can follow a clear route instead of groping indefinitely in the dark. This can be a daily to-do list of things you want to do today, but also longer-term goals like “I want to take over the management of my department in two years,” or “I want to quit smoking by the end of the month.” stop."

Find like-minded people!

It can be incredibly inspiring to exchange ideas with people who pursue a similar goal as yourself. You motivate each other, help each other through lows or give each other energy. This can be people from your immediate environment, but also a Facebook group, for example.

Reward yourself!

Set small motivational benchmarks where you reward yourself to keep your engine burning. Have you been without the glowing stick for a week? Treat yourself to your favorite food! Did you exercise for at least half an hour every day? Buy the sweater you've loved for so long. Did you take off your makeup every day before going to bed? Reward yourself with the starter bundle in our shop! Even small things appeal to the reward center of your brain and help you stay on track.

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