Sicherheit durch Rituale im Alltag

Security through rituals in everyday life

The morning jog, dinner with the family, the weekly phone call with a friend: rituals are a firm anchor in our everyday lives and can be an enormous source of support, especially in difficult times. They give us security and can reduce fears and stress.

Rituals – benefits for body and soul

Rituals are part of human culture: they have been practiced for thousands of years. Crazy, right? The reason is obvious: we benefit from it both physically and mentally. It starts with the big “universal” rites such as Christmas, birthdays or New Year’s Eve and continues into the small, personal everyday rituals that each of us maintains: the first cup of coffee in the morning, the way in which we shorten the time before going to bed or the daily care routine. Firmly practiced processes make it easier for you to decide what to do. They offer structure, you know the processes and can rely on them. They give us stability, offer us security and thereby reduce fears and stress. You are a rock in the surf in an ever-changing world. Unlike habits, they have emotional value and are associated with deep meaning for the person performing them. This affects both us individually and us as a society. For children in particular, fixed family rituals provide healthy development, trust and ensure family cohesion. Especially in turbulent times, they act as a firm anchor that gives us a secure footing in the daily chaos.

Incorporate rituals into everyday life

Daily, weekly or generally regularly practiced rites let you start the day positively, strengthen relationships, family cohesion and give you structure and a good feeling. You probably already have one or two rituals and are not even aware of them: the daily shower in the morning, the long breakfast on the weekend, the evening reading before going to bed. But they can also be specifically incorporated into everyday life. For example, certain days can be introduced in which you consciously take time for yourself and your partner, such as cooking together on Fridays and then watching a film. A regular game evening or reading a book can be established within the family. A very personal ritual can be your own care practice, such as the weekly facial peeling, applying cream after the shower or a regular manicure. Maybe you'll get into the habit of listening to a nice audio book or music album while cooking? Whatever you choose, you will definitely benefit from it.

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