Shampoo – fest oder flüssig?

Shampoo – solid or liquid?

Solid shampoos are very trendy - but are they as good as liquid ones? We want to get to the bottom of the matter a little.

Soap for hair?

While you had to look for them a few months ago, the range of solid shampoo products is currently springing up like mushrooms in a warm, damp forest clearing. It looks like a bar of soap, but what exactly is in it? In fact, solid shampoo is basically nothing more than liquid, with the only difference being that water has been removed. The ingredients are identical, only the consistency is different. By removing water, the shampoo becomes solid and can be sold as a bar or block. The nourishing and foaming properties correspond to those of liquid shampoos.

Attention: Solid shampoo should not be confused with hair soap. In hair soaps, oils and fats are saponified with a lye. They have a high pH value, which can cause the hair to swell and make it harder to comb.

About advantages and disadvantages

A clear advantage of solid shampoo is its effectiveness - it lasts an incredibly long time. This saves costs on the one hand and packaging waste on the other, as solid shampoo is usually sold in environmentally friendly cardboard boxes or even without packaging at all. This leads to the next point: Due to its compact format, solid shampoo takes up significantly less space in the toiletry bag than a conventional shampoo bottle. In addition, solid shampoo cannot leak and usually does not contain any harmful preservatives. Where there are advantages, there are also disadvantages: solid shampoos are usually more expensive than liquid ones. The hair often smells more intense after using liquid shampoo than it does after washing your hair with the solid version. Depending on the formula and manufacturer, liquid shampoo can be distributed better through the hair than solid shampoo. Ultimately it's a question of personal taste, just give it a try.

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