Stretch marks

On the one hand, they are evidence of a beautiful thing and, on the other hand, an unloved remnant of it for many women. We're talking about stretch marks. They are called that because they usually arise during this time. These are stretch marks that usually appear in the places where the tissue is particularly stressed during pregnancy: on the stomach, breasts, buttocks, thighs or upper arms. In addition to pregnancy, they can also occur during puberty due to strong growth or excessive weight gain. They form when the connective tissue is severely overstretched, causing the fibers in the lower layer of skin to tear.

Causes of stretch marks

Whether you are prone to stretch marks or not is largely in your genes. So if your mother got stretch marks during her pregnancy, you are more likely to get them too. Women with lighter skin types also tend to have more stretch marks than other women. Another influence on stretch marks is pregnancy hormones, which cause the skin to become thinner. In addition, age and the amount of weight you gain can promote the development of stretch marks. The risk of stretch marks is greater in younger mothers than in older ones. A very high weight gain also forces the development of stretch marks.

What you can do about it

Unfortunately, we have to disappoint you at this point, because even if many oils and creams promote it - there is no panacea for stretch marks. However, it may be a little comforting that the initially reddish, pink or purple stripes fade over time and are no longer as visually noticeable. However, you can still try to prevent stretch marks from forming. Make sure you eat a healthy, balanced diet and try to keep your weight gain within limits. Even though the use of pregnancy oils cannot prevent the development of stretch marks, they still keep your skin elastic and moisturize it. In this way you counteract the itching that often occurs during pregnancy. Not to mention that a regular massage is not only good for the skin, but also for the body and soul. Even if you are perhaps unhappy about any stretch marks, we can reassure you that this is a purely cosmetic problem. They pose no danger to you or your child. On the contrary: they represent that you and your body have achieved great things. Keep this in mind the next time you get annoyed with her again.

Test, test, test

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