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Nice eyebrows

They are the frame of your face and in fact hardly anything changes the appearance as much as the type and shape of the eyebrows. They open your eyes, give you more charisma and can even have a rejuvenating effect. Reason enough to pay a little more attention to the hair growth around your beautiful eyes. We'll tell you what you need to pay attention to.

We are all the same in one thing: we are all different

Just as we all have different sizes and statures, the shape and substance of our eyebrows are also different. While some are already naturally blessed with “perfect” brows, others need a little cosmetic help. But don't worry, cosmetics have now done a lot to get your eyebrows into the desired shape. In addition, there are a few things you should keep in mind.

Pluck in moderation

Trends change, as do eyebrow shapes. While it was still in vogue in the 1990s to pluck your brows as thinly as possible, today people tend to wear them a little bushier. The problem is this: the more often you pluck them, the more likely it is that the plucked hairs will no longer grow back. So when plucking, make sure to concentrate on individual annoying hairs and not change anything in the basic shape. By the way: If you pluck your eyebrows in the evening after a hot shower, it won't be as painful as usual. If you still experience redness or irritation afterwards, a cooling gel with aloe vera can provide quick relief.

Trends aren't everything

Remember that your brows should fit your face and not follow any trends. If the half-moon shape is particularly popular today, in ten years it might be something completely different. It is important that you wear what suits your face shape and what you feel comfortable with.

Help, but do it right

Fortunately, if your eyebrows don't have the shape you want, there are now all sorts of cosmetic helpers to get your brows into the shape you want. Eyebrow pencils or powder are available, which are applied with a brow brush. The made-up brows are shaped with a brush or with a concealer. The color doesn't have to match your hair color exactly. In most cases, eyebrows are darker than hair color.

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