Schau mir in die Augen, Kleines: So pflegst Du Deine Augenpartie

Look into my eyes, little one: This is how you care for your eye area

Would you like a seductive look? No problem! With the appropriate care, you can transform the sensitive eye area into an absolute eye-catcher in no time.

Delicate, more delicate, our eye area

The skin around the eyes is particularly sensitive. On the one hand, it is quite thin compared to the skin on the rest of our body and, on the other hand, it has significantly fewer sebaceous glands than other regions. In addition, she has to achieve truly top performance every day: Did you know that on average we blink around 30,000 times a day? Not to mention the ongoing changes in our facial expressions. The skin and the muscles of our skin are constantly in motion. It is therefore not surprising that this area loses elasticity much more quickly than other regions. Small wrinkles, also known as crow's feet, are usually the first to appear here. As we age, the elasticity of our connective tissue weakens, the skin becomes even thinner than it already is and tends to develop dark circles under the eyes. Reason enough to start your anti-aging program for the eye area as early as possible.

It's all a question of the active ingredient

With the right ingredients, you can do a lot to moisturize the sensitive eye area and reduce skin imperfections. The power ingredient hyaluronic acid can make a big contribution. It is actually produced by our body itself, but can now also be produced artificially. Applied from the outside, hyaluronic acid plumps and firms your skin, which immediately looks fresher. In combination with the nourishing glycerin, the sensitive skin area is supplied with sufficient moisture. Vitamin E, in turn, strengthens the skin barrier and provitamin B5 ensures better moisture penetration.

What else you can do

We can't mention it often enough, but sun protection is the absolute be-all and end-all - even when it comes to eye care! Unprotected sun exposure causes our skin to age faster. Therefore, always make sure to use a suitable sun protection factor for the areas of skin that are not covered by clothing. If you've ever wondered why so many celebrities keep their sunglasses on - it could be because they want to take care of their eye area! Wearing sunglasses also offers the sensitive skin around your visual organ additional protection. You've probably already noticed it yourself: you can literally see a person having a night that's too short. Swollen eyelids and dark circles under the eyes are the results of too little sleep. So cherish your night's sleep - it's not for nothing that we talk about the so-called beauty sleep. If you still wake up in the morning with swollen eyelids, a cooling pad or a spoon left in the fridge overnight can provide relief. As with so many things, a healthy diet and avoiding alcohol and smoking can also help keep the eye area looking healthy and fresh, even as you age.

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