Poren und ihre Mythen

Pores and their myths

We all have them. Some people see them more, others less, and those of us who see them more usually wish they were a little more inconspicuous. We're talking about pores. Below we will explain to you exactly what they are and what task they perform. We will also clear up some myths about her.

What exactly are pores?

In principle, pores are nothing more than countless small openings in our skin. We have hundreds of thousands of them on our faces alone. And they are very useful! Through them, our body secretes sebum, which is intended to keep the top layer of skin and hair supple. In addition, the sebum protects our skin from bacteria and weather influences.

Myth: Large pores are due to poor hygiene.

It's really unfair: While some people are blessed with very fine, barely visible pores, in other people these are much larger and very clearly visible. The size of the pores has absolutely nothing to do with personal hygiene, but rather depends on the following factors: genes, gender and age. The predisposition to enlarged pores is usually congenital. Men also tend to have larger pores than women due to their higher testosterone levels. And as we age, the collagen in our skin reduces due to years of UV radiation and other environmental influences, which leads to a loss in its elasticity. The pores therefore become more easily clogged with sebum and dirt. But smoking, alcohol and stress can also affect the size of the pores.

Myth: Pores can open and close.

It is a common myth that certain products or applications such as steam or cold water can open or close our pores. If you read something like that, it's pretty much nonsense. Pores open, pores closed, like a cupboard door - unfortunately that's not possible. In order for our pores to open and close, they would have to be surrounded by a muscle. However, this is not the case. They are also not temperature sensitive, meaning neither warm steam nor cold water will enlarge or shrink the pores. Our pores often look larger after the sauna or steam bath, but this is because our skin layers are swollen after the heat and the pores appear larger and more open afterwards.

Which helps with large pores

Even though enlarged pores are usually congenital, there are still things you can do to improve the appearance of your skin. You should always carefully cleanse your skin morning and evening and remove excess make-up. In general, if you have large pores, you should make sure to only use make-up sparingly. If your skin has large pores, make-up gets stuck in the pores, which only makes them look larger and less attractive. Additionally, too much foundation can clog pores, which can lead to breakouts.

Regular chemical peels or facial masks, such as AHA's or BHA's, can also help refine your pores. When used regularly, they stimulate blood circulation and reduce excess sebum.

Make sure to protect your skin adequately from the sun, as UV radiation promotes skin aging and can cause the pores to expand even more.

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