Pille, Pickel und Hormone

Pill, pimples and hormones

For a while it was particularly in vogue to prescribe the pill to women suffering from acne and pimples. But can the pill really help with skin problems or will it even cause more damage if in doubt?

What the pill does to our body

Clear: The pill is primarily used to prevent unwanted pregnancies. However, taking it has some side effects that influence other processes in the body. If we take the pill, the artificially produced sex hormones estrogen and gestagen are supplied to the body, which are also produced by the body itself. They are led to believe that there are already enough of these hormones present so that the body's own production stops. The result: ovulation is prevented and the build-up of the uterine lining is suppressed so that no sperm can implant while at the same time their path to the uterus is blocked. At the same time, taking the pill often also has an impact on the complexion. However, this depends heavily on the composition and dosage of the preparation. Pills that increase estrogen levels can have a positive effect on this, as these can reduce the production of sebum and improve acne. However, if a pill contains mainly gestagens, this could actually stimulate sebum production and thus worsen acne.

Pill for skin problems?

You often hear that women who have acne are often prescribed the pill to get their skin problems under control. However, we strongly advise against taking the pill to treat acne! On the one hand, a pill with the wrong composition can do exactly the opposite, namely promote increased sebum production. On the other hand, taking the pill can be associated with various risks and side effects. To get skin imperfections under control, there are special creams and alternative treatment methods that a dermatologist can advise you on. After stopping the pill, the body's hormonal balance is completely thrown into disarray and has to settle in again because the artificially supplied hormones are now eliminated in one fell swoop. An overproduction of male hormones can occur, which can lead to increased sebum production. The result: clogged pores and pimples. The skin basically goes completely crazy. It can take several weeks for the hormone balance to return to normal.

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