Pflege von Kopf bis Fuß

Care from head to toe

Have you ever wondered why there is a separate care product for almost every part of your body? It would be easiest if you could just use a single cream for the whole body. In theory, we have to admit, this would actually be extremely practical to use. In practice, however, this approach would have extremely negative effects. The skin on the face is very different from the rest of the body and therefore has completely different requirements when it comes to care.

Facial care

The face tends to be more exposed to environmental influences such as UV rays and dirt compared to the rest of the body because it is not constantly covered by clothing. In addition, facial skin is thinner, has smaller cells, more pores and a higher number of sebaceous glands. If you take a look at the typical ingredients of face creams, you will notice that they are often similar: moisturizing glycerin, vitamin E, which combats skin aging, skin-forming vitamin A, wrinkle-reducing hyaluronic acid.

personal hygiene

The body requires different care than the face. Our hands, for example, are exposed to a lot of stress every day, are washed often, are usually bare and have to withstand sun, rain, wind and cold. The skin at this point generally has less sub-fatty tissue and, in comparison, a relatively small number of sebaceous glands. The skin on your hands tends to dry out more quickly than the skin on the rest of your body. In addition to moisture, our hands especially need oil - one reason why hand creams are usually very rich. If used on the face, a hand cream would most likely cause blemishes.

Body lotions are also usually very rich and provide the skin with moisture and nutrients, as showering and bathing dry out the skin. If used on the face, body lotion would clog the pores and leave a greasy shine.

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