Pflege für die Füße – Pediküre

Care for the feet – pedicure

While other parts of the body receive a lot of attention when it comes to personal care, they are usually neglected, especially in the colder days: the feet. But even though our feet currently see sunlight a little less often than during the summer months, a regular pedicure is still one of the things you should treat your feet to. After all, our loyal companions carry us reliably through life. We'll tell you what's important and what you should pay attention to.

Step 1: A foot bath

Before you start your pedicure, you should first pamper your feet with a foot bath. This not only prepares your skin and nails for the subsequent pedicure, but is also incredibly relaxing. Then dry your feet well, especially between the toes.

Step 2: Remove calluses

There are often stubborn callused areas, particularly on the heels. You can carefully work on these with a pumice stone. After a foot bath, the calluses come off particularly well.

Step 3: Shape nails and cuticles

After the foot bath, your cuticles will have become nice and soft, so you can now carefully push them back with a suitable stick. Under no circumstances should you cut the skin with scissors, even the smallest injuries can lead to inflammation. Then you can shorten your toenails. Be careful not to cut them too short, otherwise they can grow into the skin. You can smooth out sharp edges with a nail file. But here too, you should make sure to file them straight and not round, as this can also lead to ingrown nails.

Step 4: Painting

Now you can paint your nails in your desired color. To protect your nails from discoloration, you can apply a base coat beforehand.

Step 5: Apply cream

The last step of the pedicure is to apply cream to your feet. They become particularly soft if you apply the cream particularly generously and leave it to work in socks overnight.

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