Mehr als nur heiße Luft: Gesichtsdampfbäder

More than just hot air: facial steam baths

It is one of the oldest beauty rituals in the world: the facial steam bath. In fact, steam baths already existed in Roman times. It can help to cleanse the face gently but intensively at the same time, has a relaxing effect and stimulates blood circulation. In short: a facial steam bath helps to improve the appearance of your skin. In addition, it can also be used as a soothing aid for cold symptoms.

What a facial steam bath does

No matter in which form, whether as a sauna, steam bath or hammam - the combination of heat and moisture has a relaxing effect and has numerous positive effects on the body and especially on the skin.

The warm vapors help clear clogged pores and eliminate dirt and sebum. The combination of warmth and moisture makes the skin soft and supple, supporting the skin's natural cleansing process. Hardened plugs of sebum, grease and make-up residue loosen and dissolve. After a steam bath, your skin is particularly well supplied with blood and the blood vessels expand. The skin is moisturized and wrinkles can also be reduced through regular use of facial steam baths. In addition, a steam bath prepares the skin for subsequent care. In addition to the hot steam, certain natural ingredients can have a supporting effect. Chamomile can soothe irritated skin and inhibit inflammation, while rosemary has an invigorating, circulation-stimulating and antibacterial effect. Sage, on the other hand, has an anti-inflammatory and disinfecting effect.

Aids for colds

The fine droplets of the hot and moist air from the steam bath reach the mouth and throat, nose and sinuses. When inhaled, the resulting vapors moisten the mucous membranes and can help loosen mucus. We can cough up better, the nose runs and is freed from stuck mucus. Runny nose and sore throat can be relieved.

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