Mechanische Peelings können der Haut schaden

Mechanical peelings can damage the skin

Peels are a fresh treatment for the skin. They remove old, dead skin cells and reveal the “younger” layer of skin underneath. It is not for nothing that the term peeling is derived from the English “peel”. The worn skin is peeled off, leaving behind radiantly beautiful, soft skin. Regular peelings are intended to refine the complexion and stimulate cell renewal. In addition, blood circulation is increased, which means that the skin looks beautifully rosy after a peeling.
At the same time, a peeling cleanses the skin deep into the pores and removes possible sebum blockages. Care products that are applied after a peeling can be absorbed much better by our skin.

But not all peeling is the same - there are different forms that can be used both by a professional in the beauty salon and at home. Mechanical peeling is probably one of the best known. Mechanically, because everything is applied, rubbed in and washed off by hand. Mechanical peelings contain small abrasive grains such as fruit seeds or bamboo granules and only have a superficial effect. The peeling is applied to damp skin and then rubbed into the skin “mechanically”, i.e. with your hands, and then washed off again.

The advantages are obvious at first glance: It is relatively cheap and easy to use, so anyone can use it at home without any difficulty. But as practical as they may seem to be to use, they can be risky. Mechanical peelings can damage the skin and even contribute to premature skin aging.

The abrasives contained in the peel can cause microscopic injuries to the skin - an effect similar to rubbing sandpaper on your face. In the long term, such treatment makes our skin vulnerable to harmful environmental influences and increased exposure to the sun. This can cause inflammation and irritation and accelerate the aging process of our skin.

The common thing is that the effects can be severe, but the results can only appear after years or even decades.

But you don't have to give up on peeling, you should just use the right peeling. There are definitely alternatives to mechanical peeling that do not require any scratching microparticles and have a much gentler effect.

These include fruit acid peels, also known as AHA peels . They are considered a true miracle weapon for radiantly beautiful skin, are obtained from various natural raw materials and exfoliate the skin thoroughly without causing any injury. The various acids such as glycolic acid or lactic acid penetrate the top layers of the skin and exfoliate the skin thoroughly but at the same time very gently.

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