Lymphdrainage: Entwässern und Entschlacken

Lymphatic drainage: draining and purifying

You've probably heard of her: Lymphatic drainage is a gentle massage that can get our lymphatic system going again. It helps with swelling such as the typical “water legs” and stimulates the lymph flow in our body, which is responsible for transporting and filtering the lymph from various pollutants.

The tasks of our lymphatic system

Did you know that the lymphatic system is the largest organ in our immune system? In fact, alongside the bloodstream, it is the body's most important transport and filter system, a kind of sewage treatment plant, if you will. It transports exactly those substances that the bloodstream cannot transport because of their size - excess tissue fluid and breakdown products, for example. The lymph nodes examine the lymph fluid for harmful substances such as bacteria, viruses or foreign substances and filter them. Damaging pathogens are rendered harmless in the lymph nodes by the white blood cells present there, our body police. Maybe you've already experienced it: When you have a cold, the lymph nodes work at full speed, which can cause the nodules to swell. Small bumps can then be felt under the skin. Usually this reaction is harmless. Lymph nodes are located throughout the body, primarily in the neck region, armpits, groin and along major blood vessels. In contrast to blood, lymph fluid, also known as lymph, flows very slowly because, unlike the bloodstream, it does not have its own pump. If the lymphatic system is interrupted or impaired, water is deposited in the tissue and larger swellings can occur, the so-called lymphedema. The lymph fluid builds up and the affected part of the body fills with fluid. In the long term, this makes the skin thinner, less elastic, more sensitive to infections and prolongs wound healing. But be careful: sometimes there can be more to it. If swelling does not go away, or increases or keeps recurring, there may also be a serious disease of the kidneys, liver or thyroid and should be checked by a doctor.

Lymphatic drainage

A simple disorder of the lymphatic system can often be managed with very simple measures such as exercise, a healthy diet, dehydrating measures and elevating the legs. If none of these things help, lymphatic drainage can help. This targeted massage stimulates the lymphatic system and gets it going again. Swelling such as severe puffy legs decreases, allergies, acne and bags under the eyes can be improved. In contrast to a “normal” massage, there is no vigorous kneading and tapping. Lymphatic drainage involves slow, gentle circular, twisting and pumping movements that work on the lymphatic vessels to remove the accumulated fluid. In addition, lymphatic drainage has a very relaxing effect. However, it should only be carried out by trained specialists. Lymphatic drainage should not be used on people who are suffering from acute thrombosis, are experiencing an infection or are suffering from heart failure.

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