Liebeserklärung an Dich selbst: Du bist gut so, wie Du bist

Declaration of love to yourself: You are good the way you are

As children we are completely at peace with ourselves. We live in the here and now, believing ourselves to be thoroughly fantastic beings and the absolute center of the universe. And the older we get, this feeling eventually disappears. We are reprogrammed to have to change and adapt in order to be lovable to others: what color hair we need, what clothes we need to wear, or what weight we need to be. We begin to doubt and question ourselves, often feeling inferior and not good enough. Whether it's the Internet, TV, or the environment - so many things suggest to you that you're not right the way you are. There is no real end in sight: it can always be nicer, slimmer, better, richer. What remains is low self-esteem and constant dissatisfaction with yourself.

You are perfect just the way you are – in your own way

The first step to get out of this eternal spiral: Stop comparing yourself. Others are no better than you. But they are no worse either. They are just different. And that's perfectly fine. Just think about the wildlife. A bird and a fish are completely different creatures. They look different, have different properties and completely different strengths. If a trout and a thrush competed against each other in a swimming competition, it would be pretty clear that the trout would have a huge advantage over the opponent, right? But what would things look like on a sightseeing flight? And like a tug of war? Accept yourself with all your strengths and weaknesses. Because they are what make you unique. Of course, you can work on yourself to promote your strengths and minimize your weaknesses. We even think it's good and important to continue to develop. But keep in mind that a trout will most likely never fly as well as the thrush, no matter how hard it tries. Make a list of all the things you are exceptionally good at or that define you. This can be anything. Are you particularly good at making others laugh? Are you rock solid in hectic situations? Do you have an exceptionally beautiful voice? Stop always being your biggest critic and focus on the things that make you unique. Give yourself a declaration of love for yourself.

By the way: The relationship you have with yourself also affects the relationship you have with others. You will only be able to have a fulfilling relationship with other people if you are at peace with yourself. Don't look for love from outside. You don't need someone to reassure you every day that you are lovable.

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