Kraut und Rüben – Wintergemüse für schöne Haut

Cabbage and beets – winter vegetables for beautiful skin

Anyone who thinks that you can only eat a limited diet of seasonal vegetables in winter is far from the truth. Winter also has a number of vegetables to offer that have a positive effect on our health and also on our skin.


The beetroot is not only delicious, it is also incredibly healthy! It is rich in antioxidants that counteract skin aging. The silica it contains ensures strong nails, hair and firms the skin. The red pigment betanin works against inflammation in the body and helps to eliminate toxins more quickly. In addition, the vegetable supports impure skin and ensures a youthful complexion. Great tuber!


Sauerkraut is nothing more than grated, fermented white cabbage and is considered the ultimate German autumn vegetable. Rightly so! Whether as a side dish or as part of the main dish, sauerkraut is always a good choice, at least in terms of its positive effects on the body and skin. Sauerkraut has lots of vitamin K. The fat-soluble vitamin promotes blood clotting and thus wound healing. The lactic acid bacteria it contains also strengthen our immune system, and vitamin B protects us against heart disease.


The root vegetable looks a bit like a white carrot and, like its orange brother, has a slightly sweet, nutty taste. Parsnips are rich in vitamin C and B vitamins, which make the skin elastic, support the skin's own regeneration processes and have an antioxidant effect.


Bitter is fun - especially when you look at the healthy ingredients of the visual treat. A few leaves of radicchio as part of a leaf salad not only spice up the color, but are also a real booster for our health and the appearance of the skin. The lettuce, which originally comes from Italy, is not only good for our digestion thanks to its bitter substances, but its vitamin A content also supports the elasticity of our skin and can reduce small wrinkles.

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