Kokosöl für die Haare

Coconut oil for hair

Coconut oil is much more than just a delicious ingredient in your kitchen cupboard. It is also a wonderful tool to make your hair look more beautiful and healthy. We'll explain to you what the fragrant oil is good for besides cooking and how you can use it to care for your hair.

Not every coconut oil is suitable for hair care

You should make sure to use an oil for your hair care that is as pure as possible and has not been processed industrially. These oils lack nutrients and valuable amino acids. Therefore, make sure to use virgin organic coconut oil. It contains all the important minerals and nutrients that give dry and damaged hair exactly what it needs.

How to best use it

You can use the oil like a conditioner or - for more intensive care - like a mask. To do this, wash your hair normally with shampoo, as you normally do. Take a hazelnut-sized amount of coconut oil in your hand and carefully distribute it through damp hair down to the ends. To rinse, leave the oil on for about five minutes. For a mask, you can leave it in your hair for twenty to thirty minutes. Then wash your hair thoroughly with lukewarm water. You can safely use the conditioner several times a week every time you wash your hair; for the more intensive mask, we recommend using it monthly.

All-round help for your hair

Dry hair gets an extra boost of moisture by using coconut oil. It provides your hair with moisture and oil right down to the roots, your hair appears much smoother, softer and healthier after a treatment. Using coconut oil gives thin hair more fullness and volume. However, you should be careful not to use too much oil, otherwise your hair can quickly appear greasy. The minerals and trace elements contained in coconut oil, such as iron, potassium and sodium, can help combat hair loss. In addition, coconut oil contains antioxidants that can protect our hair from environmental influences and ensure that it stays strong and powerful for longer. The oil forms a kind of protective film over each individual hair, making it look less brittle and making it more resilient. This can help prevent hair breakage and split ends in the long term. But using coconut oil can also provide relief for irritated and itchy scalps, as it has an antibacterial effect and can help with inflammation.

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