Kleine Stimmungsaufheller für den Alltag

Small mood enhancers for everyday life

Especially in the dark season, the bad weather affects our mood. We feel more tired, less motivated and have significantly more low moods than in the warmer months. We'll give you a few tips to brighten up your everyday life a little.

Follow the sun

Have you ever noticed that things often come easier to us in summer and we approach certain things more positively than in winter? One of the reasons is increased sunlight. Sun not only ensures the production of vitamin D, but also stimulates the production of the happiness hormone serotonin. It has a mood-enhancing effect and influences our sleep-wake rhythm. For this reason, we are often a little more lethargic and tired in winter than in the sunnier seasons. So: Get outside as soon as a few rays of sunshine break through the cloud cover. Catch the sun! But: don't forget sun protection! Apart from that, a daily dose of fresh air is always a good idea.


Exercise is also an important trigger for the production of serotonin. Don't worry, you don't have to run a marathon right away. Just half an hour of walking in the fresh air every day improves your mood and is also good for your health.

Good mood friends

There are people whose mood automatically improves as soon as you talk to them. A conversation with a mood-enhancing person in your circle of acquaintances will change your mind - and certainly make you laugh.

Color your life

Colors have a big influence on our psyche, and especially when it's generally a bit darker and dreary outside, a few bright colors in the home or in your clothes can lift the mood.

Gratitude journal

Get into the habit of writing down at least three things every day that you are grateful for or that were particularly nice. Your apartment, your children, your partner, the health of your family. But it can also be little things: the friendly saleswoman in the supermarket. The driver who let you cross the street without a pedestrian crossing and smiled at you in a friendly manner. The neighbor who left a piece of her freshly baked cake in front of your door. You will be amazed at how many beautiful, positive things come together in one day.

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