Hautpflege im Winter

Winter skin care

You've probably heard that our skin needs different care in winter than in the rest of the year. That sounds basically logical, after all we don't walk around in flip flops and a T-shirt when the temperatures are below zero. Okay, at least most of us ;) Just as we adapt our wardrobe to the cooler weather, we should also adapt our skin care to the frosty season. But why actually? We'll tell you what exactly happens in our bodies when temperatures drop and what you should pay attention to.

How our skin ticks in winter

The skin is particularly stressed in icy winter weather. Constant cold alternating with warm heating air removes a lot of moisture. The result: Our skin becomes brittle and dries out. In addition, blood flow to the body is poorer than usual when temperatures are below zero. Blood vessels contract in the cold as they try to maintain their internal heat. The blood supply is restricted and the skin is not supplied with oxygen and nutrients in the way it would otherwise. This throttling weakens the skin's natural protective barrier; it is now more susceptible to external environmental influences and can therefore be more prone to impurities. In addition, at temperatures below 8 degrees, the body limits the production of lipids, which would otherwise form a protective fatty film over our skin.

Winter skin? It's all a question of care!

Basically, the motto is: In winter, your skin care can be a little richer. The products may contain more moisture and fat than usual. Particular attention should be paid to parts of the body that are particularly exposed to wind and weather, such as the face and hands. Apply a greasy hand cream to your hands regularly every two to three hours. The sensitive lip area also needs intensive care, especially in winter, as it tends to dry out extremely quickly. Important: When temperatures drop, sun protection should never be neglected. Therefore, even in winter, always use a sunscreen or a face cream with integrated sun protection factor, such as our Melanin Day day cream. In general, it is advisable not to bathe or shower too often and, above all, not to take too hot a shower. We tend to recommend a shower rather than a full bath. The same applies to your face wash - here, too, you are better off using lukewarm water instead of hot water.

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