Hautpflege im Herbst

Autumn skin care

When it gets colder outside, our skin needs different care than in summer. Logical - after all, the contents of our wardrobe look a little different in autumn than in summer, right? As with clothing, when it comes to skin care, you should also make sure that the products you use are adapted to the respective weather conditions and the resulting needs of your skin. Cooler outside temperatures, harsher weather coupled with dry heated air put a strain on our skin in a completely different way than salt water and sweaty summer days. We'll tell you what you need to pay attention to in autumn.

Plenty please

While you probably used lighter creams in the summer, when the temperatures drop you can go a little harder. Cooler outside temperatures in combination with dry heating air mean that the skin's own oily film alone is not enough to protect our skin. The result is dry and brittle skin. So in autumn, opt for a richer care product that provides your skin with moisture and oil. This applies to pretty much every part of the body: Use a greasy day cream for your face. If you are unsure whether you can tolerate it well, you should not completely change your care overnight, but rather adapt it gradually. Your lips now also need fatty care in particular to prevent them from becoming brittle and cracked. The hands and feet also tend to dry out. While our feet are wrapped up in warm socks and shoes all day long, you should now start using foot cream regularly. Like your face, your hands are almost constantly exposed to wind and weather. So moisturize your hands regularly. If you want, you can even use two types of hand creams. For the day, one that is less fatty, but above all absorbs quickly and can be used more often. For the nighttime one that is particularly rich and cares for your hands while you sleep. When cleaning, you should make sure to use mild products that do not contain alcohol. These would dry out your skin even more.

Swimming for advanced people

Let's be honest, especially when it's cold and uncomfortable outside, there's hardly anything nicer than a warm, long bath. Unfortunately, the warm water removes a lot of moisture from the skin. Therefore, you should prefer a shower if possible. When you bathe, you can use the right bath additives, for example one with oil content, to ensure that your skin is replenished with moisture. And don't forget to apply cream after your bath!

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