Hautpflege für Männer

Skin care for men

No hard shell, soft core – with the right care, even male skin becomes cuddly and soft in no time.

Men's skin is different

Male skin is different from female skin. Men have thick skin: their skin is around 20 percent thicker than female skin. It also contains more collagen and elastin and therefore stays firm longer and provides better protection from the cold. It is also much more robust than that of women. However, she also has more and, above all, more active sebaceous glands than those of the female sex. As a result, men's skin is usually oilier than women's, which can often lead to blemished skin and acne, especially during puberty.

The right care

Since men tend to produce more sebum and are therefore more likely to develop impurities and pimples, they should make sure to clean and clarify their skin regularly. Mild pH-neutral washing gels are best suited for this. After washing, you should choose a cream that suits your skin type. Depending on whether you tend to have dry, sensitive, oily or combination skin, you can adapt your subsequent care accordingly. Make sure to choose a product that already has an integrated sun protection factor. By the way: Our products are suitable for both men and women. Both our washing gel and our day and night cream as well as our mask can also be used by the masters of creation. Regular peelings remove dead skin cells from the skin, prepare it for subsequent care and make the skin shine again. We personally recommend peelings based on fruit acids (AHA peelings). A special topic is care around shaving. Men with sensitive skin in particular can sometimes be prone to skin irritations such as razor burn or pimples. Because of this, it is particularly important to shave with the appropriate care. Before you begin, your face should first be thoroughly cleansed. The warm water causes the hair to swell and become softer, making it much easier to shorten. In the next step, depending on your personal preference, a shaving foam, gel or shaving cream is applied. This step ensures that the blades glide better over the skin. It's best to let shaving foam etc. take effect for a few minutes before you start using it. This makes the beard hair softer, easier to cut and doesn't put as much strain on the blade. Subsequent care is particularly important because freshly shaved skin is extremely irritated and can quickly react with redness, impurities or even razor burn. After shaving, you should first clean your face of soap and beard residue with water. An aftershave product applied afterwards soothes the skin. With the help of anti-inflammatory active ingredients, it prevents pimples and at the same time protects the skin from drying out. An aftershave product can be the classic aftershave, but also a gel, a cream, a balm or a tonic.

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