Handpflege: Tipps gegen trockene Hände

Hand care: tips for dry hands

Our hands take a lot of punishment: they are in use every day, have to withstand weather and weather conditions almost constantly without protection, and are exposed to a variety of temperature fluctuations. They are washed, come into contact with cleaning products and are always in motion. So it's no wonder that we often tend to have dry and brittle skin on our hands. We'll give you some tips to quickly make them tender again.

Wash your hands properly

Proper care starts with washing your hands. Washing too often and too hot removes oil and moisture from the skin. So that means: wash your hands, yes please! But only with lukewarm water instead of hot. A pH-neutral, mild soap supports the skin's protective acid mantle and does not attack it additionally. Then dry well and apply cream if necessary.

Apply cream – but do it correctly!

Applying cream regularly restores lost moisture to your hands. But please don't use just any cream, but if possible a real hand cream. Our hands have different demands than other areas of our body. Accordingly, the recipes of hand creams differ enormously from alternatives such as body lotions. Please do not “misuse” body lotions as hand cream.

Drink, drink, drink

Drinking a lot is not only good for our body and the entire organism, but also for the skin. Try to drink at least one and a half to two liters of liquid a day in the form of water or unsweetened tea. In this way, you provide the body and your skin with sufficient moisture from the inside.


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