Haare entfernen leicht gemacht

Removing hair made easy

Especially in the warmer months when people like to show a little more skin, hairs in the wrong place can be quite annoying. But it's just as annoying to have to shave your legs every two days. But we have good news for you: There are now a variety of alternatives that can help you achieve fantastically smooth skin even without shaving. We'll show you what they are.


The first crucial question that arises when growing is: hot or cold? Either cold wax strips or hot wax are available here. With cold wax strips, the applied wax layer is only heated using your own body temperature. With hot wax, on the other hand, small wax balls are heated in the microwave or in a water bath and the liquid wax is then applied to the corresponding part of the body. The so-called Brazilian waxing, the removal of hair from the bikini area, is particularly well known here.

After applying the wax, the procedure is the same for both methods: the hair is pulled out with a jerk, including the root.

This is both an advantage and a disadvantage of waxing: Because the hair is completely removed including the root, it naturally takes significantly longer than shaving until the hair grows back and it has to be removed again. The effect of waxing lasts up to four weeks. The downside is that the procedure could be a bit painful, especially for people with sensitive skin. But: The more often hair removal using wax is used, the longer it takes until the next application is necessary. This is because the hair, once completely torn out, grows back much thinner and sparser.

Another advantage: Both methods can easily be used at home on your own.


What sounds like the preparation of a dessert is actually a depilation method that has been used for thousands of years: Cleopatra, who is known for her beauty, is said to have removed annoying body hair by sugaring.

The principle here is similar to waxing: the hair is torn out along with the root. Instead of wax, a honey-like sugar paste is used. The special thing about it is that the mixture of sugar, water and lemon juice simultaneously keeps the skin supple and protects it from drying out.

Before use, the legs are disinfected to remove any sweat residue. The warm mass, formed into a ball, is then rolled over the affected areas in the opposite direction to the hair growth, so that the mass removes the unwanted hairs through the rolling movement.

Sugaring can be done both at home and by a beautician. Similar to waxing, the effect lasts up to four weeks.

IPL hair removal

The abbreviation IPL stands for “Intense Pulsed Light” – an intensely pulsating light. Similar to a laser treatment, an IPL laser is used to direct short flashes of light into the hair roots, which generates heat and destroys the roots. The device is gradually moved over individual areas of skin. Unlike waxing or sugaring, this method is almost painless, which is why it is an attractive method of hair removal, especially for sensitive people. The disadvantage, however, is that the first results cannot be seen immediately, but only after several sessions - depending on the number and thickness of the hair, four to eight sessions may be necessary. A clear advantage, however, is almost permanent hair removal: Since the root of the hair is destroyed by the IPL technique, new hair may actually no longer form at this point. However, this depends on the quality of the device used. Especially with weaker devices for home use, it may be necessary to re-treat after a few years. Hair removal using IPL can be carried out both by a beautician and at home.

SHR hair removal

Hair removal using SHR – “Super Hair Removal” – also uses light to remove hair. The difference between the two methods lies in the frequency of the light pulses emitted. While IPL involves individually triggered pulses, the SHR method triggers several flashes of light per second. In addition, a lower energy value is used to reduce the risk of burns. The treatment is considered particularly gentle and is virtually painless. However, this method also requires several sessions until the hair is completely removed.

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