Tipps für strahlende Haut

Tips for glowing skin

We all want radiant, beautiful skin with that certain glow - but especially when the days get shorter, the temperatures get cooler and the hours of sunshine become rarer, even the healthiest skin tends to look pale from time to time. Overload, hectic pace and stress add to this. If, like us, you are not one of the lucky ones who can spend several hours in the spa or beauty salon every week, you are welcome to take a closer look at the following advice. They can naturally make your skin shine again.

Enough sleep
It may sound mundane, but getting enough sleep is an essential ingredient for beautiful skin. It's not for nothing that we talk about “beauty sleep”. Conversely, you can tell at first glance if you are lacking sleep. While you sleep, your mind calms down, but your body and the processes in your skin are in full swing. Now the cell renewal and regeneration of your skin takes place. If you don't get enough sleep, your skin cannot recover, loses its elasticity and can promote the formation of blackheads and pimples.

AHA peels make your skin shine
Fruit acid peels, also known as AHA peels, are a real secret weapon for radiantly beautiful skin. In contrast to mechanical peelings, they remove dead skin cells from the top layer of skin in a particularly thorough and gentle way without damaging them and give you a very special glow.

Drink, drink, drink
Adequate fluid supply has many positive effects on your performance, your health and your body. Among other things, it ensures both better blood circulation and more optimal oxygen supply to the skin. If you drink enough, ideally at least two liters of water or unsweetened tea a day, your skin will look significantly fresher, cleaner and plumper.

You are what you eat
The phrase may sound trite, but when it comes to your skin, it's more than just empty words. Because a permanently fatty, sugary or carbohydrate-rich diet would sooner or later be reflected on your skin in the form of pimples and blackheads. Not to mention the impact on your health. Therefore, try to eat a predominantly balanced and healthy diet and avoid excessive consumption of junk food and sweets. Look for foods that contain vitamins A, C and E. These vitamins support the elasticity of your skin, can reduce small wrinkles and slow down skin aging. Zinc improves cell growth and wound healing. In addition, protein and healthy fats are valuable ingredients that are good for your skin.

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