Gute Nacht: Wieso Schlaf so wichtig für uns ist

Goodnight: Why sleep is so important for us

When sleep is missing

Lack of concentration, reduced performance or irritability or even sensory illusions: the list of effects of sleep deprivation is long. Breathing, heartbeat, blood pressure, metabolism, hormones, body temperature and muscle tension also become completely out of control if the sleep-wake rhythm is disrupted over a longer period of time.

But that's not all: the skin also suffers from a permanent lack of sleep. On the one hand, after a too short night, we usually look a little paler than usual and often have dark circles under our eyes. On the other hand, our skin cells renew themselves during sleep and regenerate themselves from the stresses of the day. If the skin regularly lacks this recovery phase, the skin becomes thinner and tends to form wrinkles.

There is actually some truth to the term “beauty sleep”.

Tips for better sleep


Have you ever noticed that you are significantly more tired after spending the whole day in the fresh air? You sleep much better in a well-ventilated room than in stale, stuffy air. In the summer you probably slept with the window open more often, which is probably not so attractive for most of us now that it's cooler. In colder temperatures, you should ventilate the bedroom well before going to bed.

Light food in the evening

Be careful not to eat too heavy a meal in the evening. Your sleep could be affected because your stomach is too busy processing food.

Come to rest

With small children you do it completely automatically: you make the time before bed a little quieter so that the children can calm down and the body slowly but surely prepares for the rest period. So: Create a quiet, relaxed atmosphere, avoid bright lights (including your smartphone) and exciting activities.

No alcohol

Alcohol may make you tired more quickly and allow you to fall asleep a little earlier, but overall you will sleep more restlessly under the influence of alcohol. In addition, too much alcohol will eventually show up on your skin in the form of impurities.

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