Glatt wie ein Babypopo

Smooth as a baby's bottom

Okay, hand on heart: When it gets colder, we show our legs less often than usual. But even if they disappear behind leggings, tights and long jeans, that's no reason to forego hair removal. In addition to the classic shave, there are now numerous ways to remove annoying hairs.


During waxing, the hairs are suddenly torn out along with the roots using hot or cold wax . You have to decide between a cold or a warm wax application - you can now do both at home using products available in every drugstore. However, the method can be a bit painful, especially for people with sensitive skin. But: The effect lasts quite a long time, four weeks.


Sugaring is similar to waxing. Sounds a little tastier, but here too, a sticky ball made of honey-like sugar paste is rolled against the direction of hair growth and the hairs are removed at the root. Sugaring is offered both in cosmetic studios and using over-the-counter pastes for home use.


The small epilators are now available in stores almost everywhere. They use their rotating tweezers to pluck out annoying hairs, including the roots, while the device is pulled over the taut skin in slow movements. Depending on your personal level of pain, this can be a little painful, but the effect lasts for weeks because the hair is removed along with the root.

Depilatory cream

It is the golden grail of hair removal for anyone sensitive to pain. In contrast to waxing, sugaring and epilating, using a hair removal cream is completely painless. The creams are freely available in stores. After applying the cream and allowing it to take effect for a short time, the hair can be easily removed using a spatula and water.


If you prefer painless hair removal, IPL or SHR hair removal may be suitable. Similar to a laser treatment, flashes of light are directed into the hair roots, which generates heat and destroys the roots. Since both methods destroy the hair root, it is actually possible that new hair will no longer form at this point. While SHR hair removal should only be carried out by a beautician, hair removal using IPL can also be practiced in your own home.

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