Geschmeidige Hände im Winter

Supple hands in winter

Cool temperatures, harsh weather, sweaty gloves, dry heated air – our hands take a beating in the colder season. In this article we will tell you how they remain soft and supple despite all external circumstances.

A strain on the hands

Dry, cracked hands are not uncommon in the colder months, as they, like the face, are exposed to the changing temperatures most of the time. Warm and dry air indoors and, in contrast, wind and weather at sub-zero temperatures are quite hard on your hands. The barrier function of our skin is weakened because the sebaceous glands reduce their production in cold weather and the skin is no longer protected by sebum and lipids. It dries out, becomes rough, there are feelings of tension and sometimes even cracks. In addition, the impaired acid mantle makes it easy for environmental influences and pathogens to penetrate the body. In addition, our hands become additionally dried out through frequent hand washing, as we do more often during the cold season.

The right care

Proper hand care starts with washing your hands. The more often and more thoroughly you wash them, the better you protect yourself from infections. However, water, especially water that is too hot, softens the skin and dries it out. Therefore, make sure to use a mild, pH-neutral soap, otherwise your skin's protective acid mantle would be put under unnecessary additional strain. Washing too often also leads to dry hands, so the motto here is cream, cream, cream. Just: Don't forget to dry your skin thoroughly beforehand. Otherwise the active ingredients cannot be absorbed properly. In general, in contrast to summer, you can now give your hands an extra dose of care with a clear conscience. Treat yourself to a rich hand cream that provides your skin with intensive moisture. To give your hands a particularly effective treatment, you can also leave your hand cream on overnight. To do this, apply it a little more generously before going to sleep and wrap yourself in gloves overnight. After this intensive treatment, you will be surprised with an extra delicate result the next morning. Just like your face, you can exfoliate your hands regularly to remove dead skin cells and prepare them for subsequent care. For particularly stressed, dry hands, you can also treat yourself to an oil bath every now and then, for example with olive, almond or jojoba oil. Otherwise, when temperatures drop: wear gloves! They warm your hands and ensure that the acid mantle is maintained. Make sure you choose breathable fabrics so that you don't sweat.

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